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MODUM- tackling the importance of fast information and guidance on the reality of the labour market

After having returned from her study period abroad with Erasmus+ Alejandra Dorado was full of energy and motivated to start something new. During her university career, Alejandra had not received specific entrepreneurial training, but together with a group of friends, she decided to participate in the competition Blue BBVA challenge. As an experiential learning workshop, […]

Architect of UPTEC among the 40 most promising architects in Europe

The work of the architect Samuel Gonçalves will be in exhibition in Athens Samuel Gonçalves, alumnus of the Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto, is one of the winners of the international competition “Europe 40 under 40”. The founding architect of the SUMMARY studio ( integrates the list of the forty most promising emerging […]

Violin created at UPTEC wins international design award

The IDEIA.M design studio was honored with an iF Design Award 2018, one of the world’s most prestigious awards in this area. The design of the AVA Royale violin has been spotlighted among 6,000 applications from 54 countries, in the Product / Leisure category. The instrument produced by IDEIA.M, a studio based at the UPTEC – […]

The need to boost entrepreneurship skills at university: an inner look

Interview with Elena Álvarez, 23 years, current student of “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” What do you study? I’m studying English Philology. How important do you consider are transversal Entrepreneurship skills? I think transversal entrepreneurship skills are extremely important. Funnily enough, you don’t realise how important they are until you find yourself in a position in […]

Cultural and Creative Industries: the education that culture needs today

Cultural and creative industries are the key point of support for a new pattern of economic growth based on creativity and innovation, which has an enormous potential to respond to the challenges of the current policy of the European Union (EU). The European Commission attaches special strategic importance to these industries due to their dynamic […]

You don’t know yet but as a student of Arts & Humanities you have some of the most relevant skills an entrepreneur should posses!

How often you heard the story of successful entrepreneurs having MBAs or coming from computer science faculties and degree? How very little you heard of entrepreneurs coming from arts & humanities faculties? While it’s true that business skills or programming skills are very useful, they are also skills which can be learned or outsourced where […]