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When Arts and Enterprise Collide – Creating an Artists Residency

It’s the first in a series of meetings that have been scheduled between VISUAL Carlow and the Enterprise & Research Incubation Campus (ERIC) at IT Carlow.  The aim of these meetings is to development of a new artistic residency which will be based at the ERIC Center. VISUAL Carlow in partnership with the ERIC at […]

Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit

This Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit comprises of 10 European of the most creative and varied approaches best practices to teaching entrepreneurship in vocational education. Developed by educators for educators, this toolkit has been tested in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and Ireland. A structured methodology was developed by a leading Danish VET school to identify the […]

Creative Project Canvas

Creative Project Canvas

The very innovative Creative Project Canvas is a visual framework that helps artists and creatives to plan SUSTAINABLE projects, where sustainability not necessarily refers to long-term economic profits but to solid foundations you need to establish for your professional human projects.

How to Use Mindfulness to Increase Your Team’s Creativity

There’s a fundamental contradiction when organizations ask employees to maintain a fast pace of work and be creative. What often happens in hectic workplaces is that employees resort to autopilot or habitual ways of working. When they don’t have the time or space to incubate novel and clever ideas, they may miss out on opportunities to […]