Whether you are a student or university staff member, a creative hub or a company and you are interested in our project, you only need to subscribe and discover what the A.H.E.H has for you.


Take part into the activities of your university Arts & Humanities Hub, develop innovative projects thanks to your creativity, cooperate with creative professionals and companies proposing you challenges to solve!

Academic Staff

Develop your faculty’s Arts & Humanities Hub, getting inspired by the others in the network.

creative Hubs

Create a connection with a faculty of Arts & Humanities to connect your work and the creative professionals working in your hub with academic staff, students and other companies from all over Europe!

creative Industries

Cooperate with the academic staff of the Arts & Humanities Hub, propose challenges to students, get involved as mentor or launch a new project!


Get inspired and contaminated by the creativity of Arts & Humanities students, bring your expertise and launch challenges to the students, find the right professionals for initiatives you want to develop by entering the Arts & Humanities Hubs


Get connected with the hubs of the network, discover the educational resources of the platform, propose case studies or challenges, simply stay updated on what is new in AHEH