About IE Creativity Center

IE Creativity Center is an open space, developed out of an institutional agreement between the Segovia City Government and internationally acclaimed IE University. Our main objective is to trigger creativity transversally, facilitating a flow of interaction between the city and the diverse setting that is the IE universe.

This project leverages the Arts, Humanities and Entrepreneurship to provoke this endless flow. We have the conviction of fusing divergent domains, so change thrives.

The Center is strategically placed within Casa de la Moneda, a XVI century pioneering enterprise, and turning point for innovation, economic growth and cultural diversity. At the same time, it is located in core of one of the most stunning natural spots of Segovia, guaranteeing inspiration and fresh peace of mind.

This space is a ten minute walk from IE University campus, and less than forty minutes from the capital city Madrid. Our program of activity regularly attracts as much the IE domain –stakeholders, professors, students of more than 100 nationalities, and specialists in innumerable fields- as it counts on a wide variety of artists, young audiences, critical thinkers, Start-up founders and institutional protagonists.