About The Artist and the Others

The Artist and the Others is an initiative based on the importance of arts for our society and the benefit of shared knowledge. The foundation, initiated in 2013, supports young artists and cultural professionals during their career in the cultural field. Our goal is to overcome the difficulties that artists and cultural professionals encounter in the first years after their studies, a critical period when they need to establish connections, and develop the knowledge and necessary skills to boost their future career.

How to support talents?

The Artist and the Others only initiates projects that truly reflect the current needs of artists and cultural professionals. Through conversation with the cultural community we listen for gaps and practical needs which form the pillar of our project. We give each project a framework and bring together our expertise and connections to create a solution that fulfills the needs and is delivered with the highest quality.

The projects organized range from workshops, lectures, and symposium, through to exhibitions, connecting tours and international cultural exchanges. Each project is based on sharing knowledge, enhancing skills, creating awareness of the cultural world and developing new connections.

We strongly believe that a combination of talent, skills and expertise can expand professional connections and shape artistic futures.





The Netherlands
Mail: hello@theartistandtheothers.nl
Web: theartistandtheothers.nl


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