About the Universidad de Alcalá

Tradition and innovation are combined in a university which dates back to the 16th century, when it was established as a higher education college by Cardinal Cisneros. It was later founded as a new and modern institution in 1977. The University of Alcalá (UAH) is one of the few universities that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring old and beautiful buildings, which have been rebuilt and are used as Faculties. It enjoys an international and cosmopolitan atmosphere with many international students (more than 6000 per year) who situate Alcala in the first position among Spanish universities in the ranking of internationalisation. UAH is listed in the QS ranking. Close to Madrid (25 kms.) and to the airport (20 kms.), it is connected with them by a convenient transport system.

The University of Alcalá offers degrees in five branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Law and Social Sciences, Sciences, Health Sciences, and Engineering and Architecture. Its approximately 30,000 students are spread across its three campuses: The Historical Campus houses the humanities, architecture, the social sciences and law. The Science and Technology Campus, situated on the city’s outskirts, is home to the Sciences, including the Health professions, and Engineering. The Guadalajara Campus, 25 kilometres to the east from Alcalá, is well-connected with both Alcalá de Henares and Madrid. Education, Nursing and Architecture are taught here. All our degrees use the European system of ECTS credits, which is valid in more than 45 countries.

The study fields covered are: Electronics, Computing and Telecommunications Engineering, Business and Economics, Philosophy and Letters, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Laws, Documentation, Chemistry, Tourism, Nursery and Physiotherapy, Architecture and Geodesy, Sports Sciences, Pedagogy. The University host annually 16000 Undergraduate Students, 13000 Graduate Students, 2100 Teaching and Research Staff, 800 Administrative Staff, 450 Research Assistants, 140 Research Groups. This totals with 38 Undergraduate Degrees, 46 Research Masters Programs, 25 PhD Programs.

Our AHEH hub is offered to arts and humanities students who want to become entrepreneurs in creative and cultural industries. We are aware of the variety of situations that shape the cultural and creative panorama in our days and aim to help to manage the multiplicity of issues involved in planning for entrepreneurship in the cultural field, from legal and economic issues to effective ways to implement a business proposal or to have it disseminated.