About Universidade do Porto

The University of Porto Arts and Humanities Entrepreneurship Hub (U.Porto AHEH) is a project directed to students who wish to learn how to design, develop and implement creative businesses and projects, with the support of both academic and market experts. Theinitiative, hosted by UPTEC, benefits from synergies with its community of start-ups and innovation centres and from the structures and knowledge of Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Arts and Humanities, as well as all other schools and research centres of the University of Porto.

The U.Porto AHEH is a first stop for students from the Arts, Humanities to connect with both internal and external multi-disciplinary resources, as well as to open up to knowledge transfer and business outlooks emerging from their studies and research. It counts with the involvement of a strong network of students, alumni, faculties, entrepreneurs and experienced professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds. Participants have access to valuable knowledge and tools that will help them to kick-off their entrepreneurial ideas.

From teamwork to project planning, intellectual property, communication and public presentation skills, the U.Porto AHEH offers students some fundamental instruments and connections to help them succeed as professionals, despite of the sector or the activities they decide to develop as they start their careers.