Arts in Business, Society and Beyond

Podcast with Venu Dhupa (UK) and Silja Suntola (FI)

Join the conversation of the role and potential of arts and culture in our society:

Venu is a recognised expert in national and international cultural policy and is sought after for her innovative thinking on culture, leadership, diversity and the creative industries. She works as a consultant where culture brushes with politics and social change. Venu has an execeptional network of cross-sector contacts and maintains an active programme of self-development influenced by research and training.

Silja is long-term expert in the creative industries, with also background in the music industry. She has been active in furthering the understanding and possibilities of the creative sectors in our society, from education, leadership and policy making perspectives. She was also Project Director for Creative Industries Finland, the national network for creative industries development in Finland. She currently runs a number international projects at South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences, Creative Industries Research Unit.