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This sessions invited guest is Edel Tobin, who is passionate about re-imagining & rejuvenating public outdoor spaces.

Edel has spent the past seven years building, curating, and creating projects in her home city of Waterford and across Ireland. Edel describes everything she does as collaborative with her expertise around providing a platform for artists to showcase and share art for the public. One of the central motivational factors in her creative process is to challenge people’s perceptions of public space and to stimulate a new dialogue using visual artwork to transform and illuminate these areas.

Edel Tobin is the founder and project manager of Waterford Walls international street art project which has been running for five years and has achieved extensive international and national appreciation from visual art, graffiti and street art enthusiasts. In 2014, Edel founded New Street Gardens, a pop-up garden built on a disused urban site in Waterford city. Most recently, in 2017 Patterns of Light (renamed Waterford Lights in 2018) was launched. This was an interactive lighting and music installation illuminating Waterford’s quayside.

Over the years she has built such a great relationship with the local authority that in 2018 they partnered together and were successful in being awarded Creative European funding for Murals for Communities- an arts initiative with two other European cities-Kaunas and Heerlen. In 2019 they completed the first leg of this artist collaboration initiative with the local communities in all 3 countries. Edel is currently working closely with the local authority and other stakeholders on the development of Waterford’s new Creative Quarter, where she has been an advisor on visual and artistic ideas for the new development.

Edel is regularly contacted to provide counsel and support to others around the country around how to achieve results with outdoor and public art. She has developed processes through her first-hand understanding of how to implement projects that will have a positive impact on the public. From identifying the team with the right skill sets implementing strong organisation and communication with important stakeholders, as well as comprehensive planning and implementation of systems.


The Walls Project
Waterford Walls

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