Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Arts in Ireland – 8

Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Arts in Ireland - 2

This sessions invited guest is Claire Prouvost, a French illustrator and graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland.

She loves to draw charismatic women in her bold, colourful and minimalist style. She has worked and collaborated with a variety of clients, including Gucci, Lavazza, Hop House 13, Becks, Image Magazine, Oh Comely, Paulette and many other.

Links to her work: claireprouvost.com & instagram.com/claire.prouvost/

As a curatorial project, Our Thriving Tribe (OTT) aims to expand upon the current discourse on entrepreneurship within the arts in Ireland. A process of enquiry into the context of artistic practice by researching entrepreneurship from the perspective of the artist in order to generate new knowledge within this field. OTT is produced by Visual, in Ireland as part of the Arts and Humanities Entrepreneurship Hub (AHEH) Project.

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