Moot will provide capoeira training plans for free

Moot, a startup incubated at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of University of Porto will provide a new training plan for free: capoeira applied to dance. Through a digital platform, Moot promotes the education, training and well-being of dancers and practitioners of modalities associated with the movement.

Directly from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Claudia Nwabasili and Roges Doglas propose the corporal materials originating from capoeira regional and Angola to be used as tools of training, corporal investigation, creation and choreographic composition. The training is divided into four parts and the first part is available for free with Portuguese language and English subtitles.

During August, Moot is co-promoting LiquidRoots classes on Terceira Island in the Azores. Guided by Joana Meneses, a fitness professional for 18 years, classes are held at sea on custom BodyRootsTM paddles designed specifically for physical activity.

“It’s a complete workout that takes bodyweight, strength, stretching, centre, balance and barefoot training to a whole new level, adding to the challenge of unpredictability and water instability.” Says Vanessa Canto, co-founder of Moot.
In the coming months, the company will focus on raising investment for the platform’s technological development, establishing partnerships with entities that promote dance and movement training in Portugal and developing new content. On Moot’s agenda for the coming months is also the sharing of acrobatics training applied to dance by dancer and acrobat Winston Reynolds from Belgium.

Moot proposes to become a digital platform that continuously promotes the education, training and well-being of dancers and practitioners of movement-related modalities through content creation and sharing and community building.

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