Kokolash band, a story from UAH

Kokolash is an electrosoul band that has the merit of having produced an EP album with no label or sponsors and is happy to share their process with AHEH. Moreover, they faced the challenge of COVID-19 lockdown, which means individual home rehearsals and recording videos from home with amazing results, as you can see in the video clip for “Maze”. You can see how basic objects gain life and tell a story of our inner world:

One of the vocalists and lyrics singer of the band, Alba Sánchez, tells about her inspiration sources to write the lyrics of “Maze” on the music made by KOKOLASH. Being a psychologist, she enjoys writing about our inner worlds and the cycles we live by. Her home collection of a telesketch toy, sand clock, beach stones and Thai puppets tell an intimate story and show how imagination can overcome the most difficult challenges.

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Other songs

Enjoy: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=g06ZKTrYpsE&list=RDAMVMYSPiJfJhp8w

You can discover how KOKOLASH have prepared their album ‘Afterall’ mixing Soul, HipHop, Funk & Jazz, using analog and digital sounds clicking here.

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