What happened in Alcalá doesn’t stay in Alcalá

Matteo and Francesco from Link Campus tell what happened during the AHEH training week.

The AHEH project – Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs, with the training week held in Alcalá de Henares, represented for me a new way to implement the knowledge already acquired during my university studies.

In the last three years I have had the opportunity to attend the course in DAMS and Digital Communication at the Link Campus University in Rome, where I specialized in theatrical and cinematographic production, but I never happened to share experiences and knowledge in the field of creative entrepreneurship with other students from Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, Welsh and Irish universities, to talk face-to-face with successful professionals, who in other cases instead had the humility to share their failure.

The sharing of useful work tools for planning, such as the Creative Project Canvas, has made the group work simple and intuitive, giving tangibility to the visionary ideas of four young students coming from different countries and experiences; the public speaking lectures have also allowed us to improve the communicability of our idea, the values and the potential of the project.

AHEH – Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs, represented above all a way to grow, to learn about other realities, a chance to meet in a world where too often barriers are created.
Thanks to my travel companions I have grown a lot over the span of a single week because what I understood from this project is that sharing is the most effective means by which the world can be changed.

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