About IstasyonTEDU

TED University (TEDU) was founded in 2009 in Ankara/Turkey by the Turkish Education Association (TED), which is a pioneering NGO in the field of education since 1928. Being one of the very few liberal arts universities in Turkey, TEDU positions itself as a “city university” and desires to create a collaborative, skill and competency based, problem/opportunity driven learning environment and encourages its students to be active citizens. In line with this vision, IstasyonTEDU, Center for Social Innovation at TEDU was founded in 2016, as a non-profit social incubator and an open collaborative space.

We, at IstasyonTEDU, provide non-financial supports like access to co-working space, meeting facilities, mentors, networks, and training opportunities. We collect, produce and disseminate information; contribute to research and network projects. We try to support the ecosystem by offering bespoke training for different actors and host or organize ‘ecosystem building’ events.

We also develop curriculum and offer two undergraduate courses on civic involvement and social innovation under the Global Citizenship Secondary Field Programme.

We believe that innovative solutions are possible by working in multidisciplinary and collective settings, hence we try to act as an interface bringing various actors from different backgrounds together at IstasyonTEDU.