A.H.E.H. Project

Bring together 14 partners from accross 7 EU member States to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of A&H Students

An hub to help young people with entrepreneurial ambitions

Link Campus has the aim to be one of the first Universities to let new business ideas become reality. How? Finally creating an hub to help young people with entrepreneurial ambitions to create their own business. Link Campus has signed several agreements with new...

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Composer Boost 2019

International Vocational Training & Think Space for Composers22nd - 26th of July 2019 Extremadura (Spain)Wazo organizes Composer Boost 2019Wazo is very proud to announce that next summer the 3rd edition of Composer Boost will take place.Wazo is a...

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Discover all the people wo are working on the A.H.E.H. Eu Project
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The AHEH alliance will jointly research, design, test and disseminate an innovative programme of entrepreneurial training for A&H staff/ students aligned with the EntreComp Competence Framework. This builds upon partners’ prior experience of EU‐funded enterprise projects.

Here some of the tools with which the partnership will support students entrepreneurial development, allowing the creation of new cultural and creative businesses. Download the Work Play Book that will help you create a prototype for your business idea and to develop the Creative Project Canvas of your project.