About Link Campus University

Link Campus has the aim to be one of the first Universities to let new business ideas become reality. How? Finally creating an hub to help young people with entrepreneurial ambitions to create their own business.

Link Campus has signed several agreements with new startups, at different stages of their businesses, and keep looking for other interesting ideas to embrace in the hub that will grow in significant way before the end of 2020.

Link Campus incubator work closely with the entrepreneurs throughout every step: from creating the first business plan, offering customized financial solutions and spaces where meeting and working together every day to develop the new ideas, thanks to networking and co-working spaces.

The goal is to build and promote a network between companies, researchers and startups thanks to the exchange of experiences, different skills and backgrounds and thanks to the mutual contamination between mentors and entrepreneurs increasing the chances to succeed for every startup.

Link incubator will be the first Arts and Humanities hub in Rome, and thanks to this European project it will be one of seven specialized hubs for creative minds, who want to transform their ideas into business, even if are not high tech companies.

Link Hub will introduce many activities during all the year and will support startuppers in many different ways: the aim is to have a quick response, or even, anticipate the startup’s needs. We promote economic development and job creation by integrating talents, technologies, know-how and capital within a network that promotes the growth of new business. We will provide many different services to help them growing in a way that lead their businesses to succeed, after the incubating program.

Link Incubator, Accelerator and Coworking space is a collaborative community where each person or firm can find the ideal conditions to develop their business. Link Hub is a project with an international aim that bases its strength on the diversity of its people with the knowledge, skills and experiences, made available to others through the community.