Cultural and creative industries have already proven their economic significance

Photo: Erika Luoto /
The Photo has been taken at the 2018 Red Carpet Film Festival of Finnish film in Hyvinkää, Finland.

Cultural and creative professionals can sometimes face questions and doubt about the economic significance of their know-how, creative talent and the importance of their businesses. For a new and brighter year of 2019: here are some argumentative tips from the Finnish context. What is the economic magnitude and meaning of creative and cultural industries?

Cultural and creative industries are among the biggest employment sectors in Finland. They employ relatively more 15 to 29 -year old’s and women than other industries do. The creative and cultural industries are young, independent and entrepreneurial – and growing. For instance, in Finland during 2016, 3,3% of the workforce were employed in cultural and creative industries. Cultural and creative industries also carry a substantial share of 5% of total consumption in Finland.

Furthermore, the secondary economic impacts extent outside of employment and income: the cultural and creative industries will also positively impact the “uncreative” industries. Creative and cultural businesses buy product and services and rent spaces for their businesses to run smoothly. They spread creative ideas, methodologies and innovation to other industries.

Cultural and creative work and its outputs render the region more tempting and alluring, for example, for tourism. Consumers of culture and arts will also spend in restaurant and traffic services creating an economic spillover effect. Moreover, creative and cultural activities make the area more attractive for people to move to and live in i.e. the industries attract workforce.

On a societal scale, arts and culture improve general and occupational well-being. Arts and culture reduce stress and can protect employees against burn out. Attending cultural activities can reduce loneliness and social exclusion, create a sense of connectedness and improve people’s general well-being. All the positive impact on the welfare of people consequently can reduce and prevent possible societal expenses.

With these words, AHEH and the AHEH team wishes everyone bright and creative New Year!

Text by Pink Eminence, a marketing communications agency and a consultant for the creative and cultural industries based in Helsinki, Finland



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