Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit

This Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit comprises of 10 European of the most creative and varied approaches best practices to teaching entrepreneurship in vocational education. Developed by educators for educators, this toolkit has been tested in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and Ireland.

A structured methodology was developed by a leading Danish VET school to identify the 10 best practices in the toolkit with the key factors including the ability of the approach to develop and foster entrepreneurial mindsets and ease of replicability. Given the target of VET student, it was agreed that the best practices should have practical “learning by doing” focus and they should make learning entrepreneurship fun.

There are a variety of approaches presented in this toolkit designed to foster key entrepreneurial skills like Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Building, Time Management, Decision Making, Communication and much more.

The toolkit offers VET institution the opportunity to bring their teaching of this transversal topic to a new level. Teachers and trainers can ‘pick and mix’ the training approaches most suited to their own requirements and those of their students. To get started, all you need to do is download our set of guidelines, resources and the practical implementation guides which will show you how to successfully start teaching entrepreneurship.

The ultimate aim of this toolkit is to encourage and cultivate the entrepreneurial mind-sets of our young people. They are the innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the future.