A Training Program by IDF to generate creative solutions to the problems

A Training Program by IDF to generate creative solutions to the problems

Izmir Design Factory (IDF) developed a training program which is accreditated by Yasar University. The program started in this semester and is still continuing online.

It is a course under Art Faculty but is open to students from different disciplines.

In this Training Program, while students generate creative solutions to the problems that they identified, they also will able to understand the values of users by taking into the field. During the implementation phase, it also helps to present the products and services that they design together with the partners to the user experience. In this way, we will focus on human values as the essence of Design Thinking at every stage of the program process.

About IDF

Izmir Design Factory was established as a design, education and research center to fulfill the qualified workforce need and project needs with high added of the local stakeholders to strengthen competition in the global market through the local and international partnerships.

IDF is a flexible platform associated with universities, private sector, professional chambers, and non-governmental organizations in Turkey. They have a multi-stakeholder structure with the several organisations.

Design Thinking” (DT) is the main mindset of IDF. Our adopted values are; focusing on human values, preferring to show rather than tell, creating simplicity from complexity, being experimental, being aware of the process, eliminating our prejudices, and establishing partnerships. As IDF, we work with the community for the community.

Training Program Learning Outputs

At the end of the program, participants:

  • will be able to define the DT mindset with their own values;
  • recognize DT tools and methods and use them in their life;
  • experience the process that is from the problem definition to the idea generation and implementation;
  • will establish constructive collaboration;
  • being aware of their own potential;
  • will be able to offer creative solutions by understanding the partners’ expectations and the current situation.