You don’t know yet but as a student of Arts & Humanities you have some of the most relevant skills an entrepreneur should posses!

How often you heard the story of successful entrepreneurs having MBAs or coming from computer science faculties and degree?

How very little you heard of entrepreneurs coming from arts & humanities faculties?

While it’s true that business skills or programming skills are very useful, they are also skills which can be learned or outsourced where necessary.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to not only control and predict outcomes, but to also ask the “what if?”‘s.

People trained in the arts & humanities learn many of the necessary skills as part of their courses that could be potentially applied on an entrepreneurial career.

1. Observation. Entrepreneurs need to be very observant, and be able to find ways to adapt where necessary.  Being able to observe and interpret art and literature is a core skill in the humanities.

2. Creativity.  Entrepreneurs need to be able to think outside the box and find creative ways to solve problems.  Creativity is another core skill in humanities.

3. Presentation and Performance.  Being an entrepreneur requires the ability to sell yourself and your idea, whether to employees, founders, funders or customers.  Having a solid background in writing, presenting and even performing enhances confidence and “stage presence” when pitching or selling.

4. Competitive analysis.  All entrepreneurs need to know about their competitors and what they have done and are doing, as well as an overall market analysis.  With a humanities background, these skills are developed along the way.

So if you’re from a humanities background, you already have a great set of core entrepreneurial skills!  What you probably miss is awareness and the capacity to put these skills into action.

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