How to support young composers? WAZO’s Composer Boost is the answer. 

Creative Industry Cooperative addressing social challenges in Extremadura.Wazo Coop is currently focused in the fight against youth unemployment addressing this challenge by giving professional status to young people in the creative and cultural industry sector.

But what is the Composer Boost and how it will help young composersto find their way in the music sector?

Composer Boost is aneducative music project focused in the implementation of professional composers’ knowledge in the field of creativity, branding and digital marketing.


Target Group

The project is designed for innovative and creative music professionals with the aim to acquire immediate implementation practical skills to improve their composition professional profile.


This innovative training for composers has the following objectives:

  • Equip students with appropriate expertise which can be used in professional contexts.
  • Develop students’ confidence, independence and self-reliance necessary for a life of changing professional expectations and demands.
  • Provide students with experiences and opportunities appropriate to their needs sothey can feel confident in identifying and understanding their own artistic vision.


Composer Boost is focused in three fields:

  • composition:

○ great challenges of the contemporary and experimental composition;

○ creative procedures and methods;

○ planning and management of artistic works and projects.

  • Randing:

○ find the composer’s voice;

○ composer’s distinctive value;

○ strategies to make the audience identify a composer and his/her music;

  • digital Marketing:

○ commercial strategy for contemporary music in digital media;

○ social Media as a distribution channel;

○ content development, measurement and analysis for social media.


  • Group lessons and workshops.
  • One to one mentoring.
  • Creative visits.
  • Networking and public speaking events.

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Hurry up as the next composer boost will be held on the 27 of August!

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