Composer Boost 2019

International Vocational Training & Think Space for Composers

22nd – 26th of July 2019 Extremadura (Spain)

Wazo organizes Composer Boost 2019

Wazo is very proud to announce that next summer the 3rd edition of Composer Boost will take place.

Wazo is a creative industry organization using innovative art-based practices to address societal challenges in Extremadura (Spain) and worldwide. Wazo is currently focused in youth unemployment in Creative Industries by promoting mutual understanding, social movements and civic participation from an artistic perspective.

Wazo is currently in a process of identification, attraction and consolidation of a potential community of changemakers of the creative and cultural industry for a community penetration. The topic of interest is participatory leadership by means of innovation and creativity methods for positive changes, promotion of longterm
cooperation and co-development of projects for a social transformation.

You can find more info about the projects on and

Wazo develops many programs to support the international community of new music and contemporary music professionals such as entrepreneurship for composers, career guidance in classical music, online educational projects for composers, collaborative composition projects, etc.

Wazo is very proud to announce the 3rd Edition of Composer Boost that will run from Monday 22nd of July to 26th of July in Extremadura, located in the South West of Spain.

Visit for more info and applications.

What is Composer Boost?

Composer Boost is an international Vocational Training and Think space for 7 Composers of New Music and Contemporary Music.

This program is a mix of Apprenticeship and Artist Residency that creates a supporting international environment to boost professional composers’ creativity and provide practical skills to improve their professional profile.

What does the program offer?

• Grant composers with inspirational experiences related to nature and heritage in contexts where silence and quietness are dominant.
• Provide access to unique creative environments to identify and understand composers own artistic vision.
• Equip composers with appropriate expertise and a media kit that can be used in professional contexts.
• Develop composers’ confidence, independence and self-reliance necessary for a life of changing professional expectations and demands.

Creative Visits

Composer Boost conducts a variety of outdoor activities including nature and
heritage observation in very quiet places in order to provide unique environment
to boost 7 composers’ creativity and inspiration.

Creative sessions will include:
• Personalized guided tours by experts in archaeology and history of art:
○ Inspirational heritage sites
○ Breathtaking views of nature reserves and large tracts of lands.
○ Access to unique unpopulated areas where nature and silence are dominant.

• Free inspiration time to:
○ Declutter your mind and free up mental space.
○ Reflect on great challenges of the contemporary and experimental composition.
○ Develop creative procedures and methods.
○ Plan and management of artistic works and projects.
○ Write your thesis and papers.

Outing 1: Almendralejo, the city of Romanticism

Almendralejo is an international wine town noted for the warmth of its inhabitants.
A very special location characterized by the aroma of wine and olive, its white streets dotted with ancestral homes and palaces endow this town a special air.
A tour of the town and its monument will finish with the creative visit to Teatro Carolina Coronado. Carolina Coronado, one the greatest female writers of Spanish Romanticism was born in Almendralejo and gives name to an italian and liberty style theatre.

More info:

Outing 2 : Feria Castle

On top of an outcrop, next to the town of Feria, rises its castle – a key point for defending the territory since ancient times. It is an impressive monumental construction whose current keep and main complex dates back to the mid-15th century. You will enjoy some privileged views of Tierra de Barros region on the terrace of the keep and feel inspired in the rooms of the lords and ladies of the castle.

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Outing 3: Cornalvo Nature Reserve

The Cornalvo Nature Reserve is just 10 km from Mérida (Augusta Emerita, city of the ancient roman empire and capital city of Extremadura). This National Monument contains roman remains, local biodiversity, Mediterranean vegetation…
A perfect place to take a walk through the hills and glimpse some of the hundred of birds species such as the black stork, the white stork, the black-winged kite, the honey buzzard and maybe an almost extinct species: the gato montés wildcat.

More info:

Outing 4: Nogales Castle

Nogales Castle is a 15th century medieval fortress standing on a top of a small hill that suffered from the advances of the French and Portuguese. It was built of masonry except for the corners which are of local dressed stone. There are three floors of the keep tower, covered by a ribbed vault, with many rooms and a top with battlements, where composers will find inspiration and boost their

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The training will be organized in sessions in English, Spanish and Italian (translation will be offered if needed) by an international staff with a wide experience in entrepreneurship in creative industries and new music:
• Group lessons and workshops.
• One to one mentoring.
• Networking and public speaking events.

The training is focused two areas:

Branding for New Music & Contemporary Music Composers

Your composer brand is how you promote yourself and your music. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the audience, performers, conductors, managers, etc to see you. It is the telling of your story, and how it reflects your music, your composition, your conduct…
• How find the composer’s voice
• The composer’s distinctive value
• Strategies to make the audience identify a composer and his/her music

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the implementation of commercial strategies in digital platforms. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook are your best allies to let your audience know your work.
• Commercial strategies for contemporary music and new music in digital media.
• Social Media as a distribution channel for your music and scores.
• New music and contemporary music content development, measurement and analysis for social media.

The last session of training will be focused to film and design your Composer
Media Kit:

Composer Media Kit

Composer Media Kit is a digital package to provide essential information about composers to their audience, performers, conductors, managers, etc. You will build your Composer Media Kit during the Training sessions of Composer Boost 2019 and it will include:
• 1 minute Presentation Video: Composer Boost media team will film and produce your presentation video. You will receive your copy and you will have free usage of it. It will be also uploaded and distributed on Composer Boost and Wazo’s social accounts.
• Composer Boost 2019 Composers’ Profile: All composers will be featured at the free online publication about the 3rd Edition of Composer Boost. The information included will be: short bio, profile pic, links to social media profiles/web and video recording of a piece of your election. You will receive your copy and you will have free usage of it.

What is Composer Media Kit useful for?

• Successful application processes for Composer Residences, Call for scores, etc. You can send a professional material to the calls of your interest.
• Improve your composition portfolio.
• Internet presence. You can upload your 1 minute Presentation Video to your Youtube/Video account and website.
• Let the new music community discover your professional profile.

Eligibility. Who should apply?

Professional composers of all nationalities who needs a think space to declutter their mind and free up mental space and have a training to acquire immediate implementation practical skills to improve their professional profile.

Composer Boost can host 7 international composers of new music and contemporary music. There is no exam or entrance audition. Places will be allocated in application reception order. The application will be open until all
spots are filled.

Deadline for applications is July 18 2019 23.30 CET.

Location and Dates of Composer Boost

Composer Boost will take place from 22nd of July to 26th of July in Extremadura, located in the South West of Spain.

More info about Extremadura:

International Facilitators

Marta Lozano Molano

Spanish Composer and Social Media expert. Bachelor in Musikene (Spain) and Master in Composition at Guildhall
School of Music and Drama of London.
Marta develops Wazo’s projects about music and heritage, women and music, new music for young performers and
social media strategies for music. Marta is also a gender equality activist and music business mentor.
She is CEO of Wazo, Director of Wazo Magazine, Conductor of Wazo Singers and Developer of Modernatorio.

Andrea Vincenti

Italian archaeotraveller (archeologist + traveller) and Branding for Creative Industry Professionals expert Andrea is Founder of an online platform about archaeology and entrepreneurship in Creative Industries.
He develops Wazo’s projects about women and history, entrepreneurship and branding for creative industries
enterprises and professionals.
Andrea is CFO of Wazo and Publisher of Wazo Magazine.

José Luis Díaz

Spanish art historian, music critic and visual creation expert.
José Luis is founder of, an online platform to preserve threatened heritage in Extremadura,
Spain. Nowadays he is mapping the forgotten heritage.
He develops Wazo’s projects about art and gender equality, digital marketing and media content creation.
Jose Luis is COO of Wazo and Art Director of Wazo Magazine.


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