Interview to Genoveva Hita, founder of Genovevaseda.

We met and interviewed Genoveva Hita, founder of Genovevasedas, a Spanish brand for hand-painted Natural Silks.

What did you study and where did you study?

I started out in the world of artistic creation as a little child at my mother’s ceramic workshop, learning to love the things made with soul, sensitivity and care. I studied Classical Ballet and Spanish Dance in Madrid and made my profession as a Spanish dance teacher for almost 30 years.

Describe the pathway you took to get from university to your current role. What job do you have now? How does your job enable you to be creative?

Some changes in my physical condition motivated a change in direction. My creative facet led me to a different professional world, making of silk painting my new profession. Natural silk is now the medium that lets me flow towards sustainable art, allowing my designs to come into life in a slow pace.
I make different collections after carrying out research in the artistic traditions of different cultures. Al-Andalus, Indian and Japanese Art design, (Edo period) are three important sources of inspiration, especially in their representation of natural motifs.

What is the one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself as a student?

Formation in soft skills for public speaking, negotiation and project organization are essential for entrepreneurship. I also see the importance of becoming proficient in English, as it facilitates communication and the dissemination of your work in a highly connected and globalized world. Some skills in information technologies and social networking are also a must. For instance, my first sale was via Instagram to a princess from Saudi Arabia.
I see developing sustainable and attractive projects as a big challenge of our time.

What do you enjoy about what you do?

I enjoy being creative and letting my spirit flow on silk. I feel the connection between the materials used, the artistic traditions merged and the nature represented in my designs. My work makes me connect with artistic traditions and the natural motifs in a very intimate way.
I’m happy to see people indulging their need for luxury with the sight and touch of my work. Exhibitions and catwalks allow me to interact with people and share their excitement. I greatly enjoy learning about other cultures when participating in international exhibitions. I treasure my participation in the Spanish-Arab Art Exhibition in Saudi Arabia (2019).

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