Student start-ups. Fuel for tomorrow’s economy – Alix Charles

Student start-ups. Fuel for tomorrow's economy - Alix Charles

Alix Charles (Performing Arts graduate)
Alix Digital –

Thankfully we predominantly operate online, so working from home is possible. To help us, we have made more use of video calls for any consultancy work and to have regular catch-ups. Our plans for the near future revolve around helping more businesses and improving the service we provide them. I have been impressed by how well people have adapted to video conferences and remote learning through Covid-19. It has really shown me that we can hold training and meetings with people anywhere; whether they’re just down the road or in another country. With that in mind, I’m looking to include further online training and consultancy where possible.

I was fortunate enough to work for a few great Welsh marketing companies prior to setting up on my own. During this time, I absolutely loved what I did, and my favourite aspect of the job was helping businesses succeed. However, working for larger companies meant I rarely worked with smaller companies as they often couldn’t afford it – yet it’s today’s small businesses that are tomorrow’s big brands. I figured that if I could go my own way and help smaller companies get the marketing they deserve, I could make a real difference.

Alix’s top tips

  • Keep learning. When you stop learning, you stop moving.
  • Everyone makes mistakes (I definitely have). This is fine so long as you learn from them.
  • Stay connected. Networking has been a huge part of growing my business.
  • Give yourself a break. Working all hours sounds like the way to get ahead but it leads to burnout which is not sustainable.
  • Most importantly, when you are passionate about something, follow it. Passion is what sets us apart from the everyday. I particularly like the quote, ‘do what you love and never work a day’.

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