Student start-ups. Fuel for tomorrow’s economy – Martin Eastwood

Student start-ups. Fuel for tomorrow's economy - Martin Eastwood

Martin Eastwood (Music Technology graduate)
Wide Variety Events & Marketing –

“It’s been a challenging time to be at the helm of an events and media company as all of our events were immediately cancelled or postponed. However, I quickly shifted my focus to what we could do right now to be successful. On the media side of things, our primary service is managing digital/social media marketing for other businesses to increase their sales. I went heavy on marketing and immediately began picking up new clients for our services here. The key adaptation I made to ensure client success (and our own success by proxy) was to change our targeting to serve the needs of front-line workers who are still in employment and this move proved to be a huge success. I asked myself what is needed right now and then I simply provided exactly that.

Right now, my immediate focus is on growing my company and preparing myself to enter the world of real estate investing in 2021. I have a wealth creation strategy in place and I am extremely focused on this right now, I am throwing the majority of my energy into actions that support this. Another key area I am working on is continued growth of my personal brand. When Covid-19 stuck one immediate action I took was reaching out to Irish Tech News and I have since secured a writing position which is great and allows me to share my knowledge and establish myself as an authority in my space.

Opportunities are everywhere, you just have to look for them and more importantly, take action. Holistically speaking and as crazy as it sounds, I am doing better now than I was before Covid-19 struck.”

Martin’s top tips

  • Think big, you can do so much more than you currently think is possible.
  • Go all in for at least the first 5 years. You need to give it everything you have and nothing less.
  • Don’t quit no matter what – every entrepreneur will face road blocks and failures along the way, but it is how you deal with those failures that define whether or not you will be successful, or just another statistic.