Check Me Out – when academic research meets arts

Today we want to present you an experiment done in Italy by Fusion Art Center from Padova.

The search for a university thesis becomes the theoretical structure of a specific artistic operation that emancipates from the exhibition device becoming an expressive metaphor of the contemporary, becoming graft of new projects, accompanied in the development phases, until their independence.

Check me out is a project designed to activate new research practices in which art is a vehicle for investigation and the starting point for new action trajectories.

It is therefore an intensive project platform for art innovation, that involve new graduates and their thesis from all fields together with artists, for the development and production of new creative models and the experimentation of different exhibition display.

Phases of the project:

  1. sharing and designing – planning and investigation of the possibilities, between the research of the graduate and the language of the artist (sharing of mission and skills, brainstorming);
  2. the public talk – after an initial period of identification of the process to be carried out between researcher and artist, there is a moment in which to propose to the community the themes to be discussed and has as its central nucleus a talk / round table. This is to allow those who today live and think about the present, not only to present and share their work, but to make it the object of an interdisciplinary reflection, open beyond the contribution of the sciences to those of contemporary art;
  3. the project – if in the first phase a common project is born (otherwise the project remains in the first two steps), we move on to the third phase of work which consists in the effective development of the idea born from the comparison, with the aim that this becomes a real value, able to become something for the artist and the researcher to spend on their growth and profession.

To have a look at the three pilot examples developed by Check me outdownload the pdf


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