Focusing your university degrees for you next creative business with AHEH project

AHEH project – Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs that took place in the Alcalá de Henares University was an incredible and new experience for me. I have never participated in any Erasmus program, so this workshop offered me a perspective I did not knew I needed it before as a Humanities student.

During that week we learnt how to focus our university degrees towards creative industries, and how to develop and implement our ideas for future projects. I want to thank the professionals for offering us a previous preparation of what awaits us outside the university and a more realistic contact with the world; telling us both, their success and failures. It is hard and difficult to create a project from scratch, but with the right tools, as the Creative Project Canvas, the IP Strategy or a proper communication, the path becomes a little easier.

Being able to share this experience with students from different countries as Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Ireland and Wales has made it even better. Being with them has been like having a little piece of their culture with us. Thanks to this we become more openminded and we break down the barriers we often build unintentionally. We are the young people with whom we will have to work in the near future, so is necesarry to highlight the importance of multiculturalism in a world that evolves so fast.

When I say that AHEH project – Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs helped me to have a more realistic worldview, I think I speak for everyone. This project has taught us to develop us individually in the world of creative industries but keeping always in mind teamwork. And that is the most important value we have learnt: to share. The world is bigger and offers us many more possibilities than we think we have.

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