5 open resources you can find on the AHEH platform that will help you develop innovative entrepreneurial skills

In this crazy moment that is stopping the world from the daily activities, or just deviating ourselves from the so-called routine, we will find some reflecting time. A short self-projection space where we are already building our idea of the future.

In this time we are obliged to spend at home we will have the possibility to rearrange our ideas, to reinforce our knowledge, to face new experiences and to get new skills.

To do that, nothing is better than looking for some resources that may help us have a different point of view.

Don’t waste your time in looking for them, we already collected 5 contents about innovation and creativity that for sure will help you develop entrepreneurial skills.

To get more you only have to check the AHEH platform and join the “resources” section.


1. OpenLearn

This interesting 3-hour course explains the importance of innovation within organizations and the difference between innovation and invention. The platform is interactive and offers the possibility to download the course in pdf word format and others.



2. Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

In this TEDx video resource, Angela Lee Duckworth explains her theory of “grit” as a predictor of success.



3. Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit

This Student Entrepreneurship Toolkit comprises of 10 European of the most creative and varied approaches best practices to teaching entrepreneurship in vocational education. Developed by educators for educators, this toolkit has been tested in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and Ireland.

The ultimate aim of this toolkit is to encourage and cultivate the entrepreneurial mind-sets of our young people. They are the innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the future.



4. Creative Project Canvas

The very innovative Creative Project Canvas is a visual framework that helps artists and creatives to plan SUSTAINABLE projects, where sustainability not necessarily refers to long-term economic profits but to solid foundations you need to establish for your professional human projects.



5. How to Use Mindfulness to Increase Your Team’s Creativity

How do you help your team develop their creativity? Research has found that a short period of mindfulness training can have a positive impact on creative output. To explore this idea further, we conducted a study with a midsize U.S.-based real estate firm to examine whether a mindfulness training program could influence a team’s creativity.