“#Yoxti, Leo”: encouraging reading and online bibliotherapy during COVID-19 crisis

Yoxti, Leo project

The University of Alcalá has created the Instagram channel “Yoxti, Leo“, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, hoping to send a message of encouragement using books and book readings.

It is an initiative devised by Verónica Sierra Blas, coordinator together with Antonio Castillo Gómez of the research group “Reading, Writing and Literacy”, LEA-SIECE at the Faculty of Arts in Universidad de Alcalá, within the framework of the subject “History of reading”, but it is reaching other segments of society, thanks to social networking facilities.

Reading is suggested as a means to improve resilience and give support and encouragement to others. Lina Vico has worked in the design and María Cedenilla in the management of the account, with the support of Elena Fernández Gómez, Érika Fernández Macías and María de la Hoz Bermejo, scholarship holders and doctorates from the aforementioned research group.

“#Yoxti, Leo” on Twitter

“#Yoxti, Leo” on Instagram

Yoxti, Leo Project


Students of 2nd year, Degree in Humanities and Double Degree in Humanities and Primary Education, UAH; Ampersand Publishers.


Proyecto #YoxTiLeo

Grupo de investigación Lectura, Escritura, Alfabetización (LEA)

Seminario Interdisciplinar de Estudios sobre Cultura Escrita (SIECE)

Universidad de Alcalá, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

C/ Colegios nº 2, 28801, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

E-mail: yoxtileo@gmail.com

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