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Closing the loop in the circular economy: a collaborative exploratory project

The Circular Economy requires resources to flow around regenerative loops, which is a radical shift from our existing linear economy.  How can existing firms re-think and re-align their manufacturing to work in a sustainable future? The Circular Economy is a way to continue to enjoy better living standards whilst also stopping environmental and resource decline; […]

Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Arts in Ireland – 22

This sessions invited guests are Brokentalkers. Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan are the creative partnership known as Brokentalkers. They inspire audiences in Ireland and around the world with socially charged and form busting theatre since 2001. Initially founded by Feidlim Cannon, Damien Fenty, Gary Keegan and Faye Munns. Brokentalkers is currently led by co-artistic directors […]

Interview to Alicia Santamaría, founder of Ondalupita

We interviewed Alicia Santamaría, founder of Ondalupita, a jewellery and accessories brand. What did you study and where did you study? I have a Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate studies in Fine Arts (UCM, Madrid) and Artistic Jewellery at the Massana School of Barcelona. I was so lucky to study for 3 months at Chelsea Fine […]

Interview to Genoveva Hita, founder of Genovevaseda.

We met and interviewed Genoveva Hita, founder of Genovevasedas, a Spanish brand for hand-painted Natural Silks. What did you study and where did you study? I started out in the world of artistic creation as a little child at my mother’s ceramic workshop, learning to love the things made with soul, sensitivity and care. I […]

Interview to Joaquín Ródenas, musicologist

Interview to Joaquín Ródenas, musicologist

Interview to Joaquín Ródenas, a musicologist and independent researcher. What did you study and where did you study ? I did a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology at UAB, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (2020) where I am collaborating as a member of the research group “Music in Contemporary Societies” (MUSC from the Spanish “Música en las […]